Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is a survival-horror game set in China that continues the struggle against the series’ signature zombie inducing bio-terror.

Resident Evil 6 The Movie (All Cutscenes Edited in Order) PS4 1080p

All Cutscenes of Resident Evil 6 Re Edited in Order

Resident Evil 6 (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (Full Game) (Chris Redfield)

Resident Evil 6 (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (Full Game) (Chris Redfield)

Resident Evil 6[a] is a 2012 third-person shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. A major installment in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 6 was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in October 2012, and for Windows in March 2013. Players control Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller and Ada Wong as they confront the force behind a worldwide bio-terrorist attack. The story is centred around their four interwoven campaigns, and every campaign features a unique style in both tone and gameplay.

Resident Evil 6 was conceptualized in 2009 and entered full development the following year under Resident Evil 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. It had a development staff of more than 600, making it Capcom’s largest production. Resident Evil 6 received mixed reviews from critics, who criticised the interwoven campaigns and departure from the survival horror roots of the franchise. Despite these criticisms, the game sold over 10 million copies. It was re-released with all downloadable content for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2016, and for the Nintendo Switch in October 2019. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, released in 2017, switched to a first-person perspective and returned to the survival horror genre.

esident Evil 6 allows players to select between four scenarios with interwoven storylines centered on Division of Security Operations (DSO) agent Leon S. Kennedy, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) Captain Chris Redfield, mercenary Jake Muller and spy Ada Wong.[5] In the Leon, Chris and Jake scenarios, players have the option of controlling either them or their respective partners, United States Secret Service agent Helena Harper, BSAA sniper Piers Nivans and DSO agent Sherry Birkin. The character not selected by the player is controlled by either artificial intelligence (AI) or another player via local or online multiplayer. Ada’s scenario can be played with or without a partner and a second player who joins will control the non-canonical character Agent.

Resident Evil 6 (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (Full Game) (Chris Redfield)

Resident Evil 6 Full Game Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 6 – What Happened?

On this episode of What Happened, we travel back to 2012; the year where Capcom’s flagship series was at a crossroad, and faced a bigger threat than any BOW attack!

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Chris Theme
Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Wesker Theme
Resident Evil 2 – Police Station
Splatterhouse – I Will Find You
Sweet Home – Battle Theme
Resident Evil 4 – Salazar
Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Basement
Killer Instinct – Sabrewulf Theme

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Resident Evil 6 PS4: Leon’s Campaign New Game “No Hope” S – Rank Walkthrough (Leon)

Resident Evil 6 PS4 video game play 1080p 60fps. Leon Campaign on “No Hope” New Game (fresh run), all chapters “S” Rank walkthrough with no deaths and NO commentary. Played as Leon. “No Hope” difficulty disables the use of skills. Skill points obtained are doubled in value.

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Leon S. Kennedy / レオン・ケネディ
Helena Harper / ヘレナ・ハーパー

Mutated Deborah / デボラ
Lepotitsa / レポティッツァ
Brzak / ブザク
Derek C. Simmons / ディレック・C・シモンズ

0:00 Intro
1:21 Chapter 1-1 Campus – Visitor’s Room
18:22 Chapter 1-2 Campus
32:44 Chapter 1-3 Underground
47:34 Chapter 1-4 The Town
59:32 Chapter 1-5 Gun Shop
1:15:46 Chapter 2-1 The Bus
1:18:51 Chapter 2-2 Forest Cemetery
1:37:17 Chapter 2-3 Cathedral
1:46:10 Lepotitsa Battle / レポティッツァ戦
1:50:52 Chapter 2-4 Underground Lab
2:07:56 Chapter 2-5 Primitive Altar Entrance
2:10:57 Chapter 2-6 Primitive Altar
2:15:16 Chapter 2-7 Altar Corridor & Deborah Battle / デボラ・ハーパー戦
2:27:50 Chapter 3-1 Altar Corridor
2:29:34 Chapter 3-2 Catacombs
2:44:07 Chapter 3-3 Cavern
3:02:23 Chapter 3-4 Underground Water Channel
3:08:51 Brzak Battle / ブルザク戦
3:12:52 Chapter 4-1 Inside the Airplane
3:23:29 Chapter 4-2 Airplane Crash Site & Ustanak Battle / ウスタナク戦
3:34:07 Chapter 4-3 Market
3:40:29 Chapter 4-4 Medical Research Center
3:53:22 Chapter 4-5 Train & Derek Simmons Battle / ディレック・シモンズ戦
4:08:43 Chapter 5-1 Port Area
4:19:10 Chapter 5-2 High-Rise Area
4:30:20 Chapter 5-3 Quad Tower Entrance & Derek Simmons Battle / ディレック・シモンズ戦
4:39:22 Chapter 5-4 Quad Tower & Derek Simmons Battle / ディレック・シモンズ戦
4:48:23 Chapter 5-5 Quad Tower Roof & Derek Simmons Battle / ディレック・シモンズ戦