Apex Legends Season 10 Update Is Huge–If You’re Playing On Xbox

The latest Apex Legends update is now downloadable on all platforms; here’s how much hard drive space you need to install Season 10 Emergence.

REVIEW: Xbox Series X for Apex Legends! (Long Term Use Review)

Here I go in an in depth review of my experience playing apex legends on the Xbox Series X. It’s not perfect, and needs some work but is overall a clean and crisp experience with minor issues to iron out due to the next gen version of apex. Can we please get 120fps already?!

Montage 00:00
Intro 01:50
How the game looks 03:38
How the game feels 04:30
FPS/Framerate 04:47
Stutter issues of last gen 06:43
Load Times 07:08
Series X Compared to last gen 07:40
Series X compared to Series S 08:51
Series X compared to PC 09:53
Pros & Cons of the console 10:48
Should you buy an Xbox Series X 11:38


After months of waiting, Respawn has added an 80GB file to the PSN database for PlayStation 5 players. Currently the PS4 version of the game is around 55GB which likely means this is the next gen console port. Rumors suggest it will include 120 FPS, boosted resolution (hopefully up to 4k), and higher graphic fidelity. We don’t have a confirmed date for the patch but wouldn’t be surprised to see it added with the Season 12 update slated for February 8th.

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Xbox Update! HUGE graphics change

Brazilian Regulator Approves Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard Acquisition.
Overwatch 2: Blizzard Apologizes for Shaky Launch, Promises Fixes for Queues and More. The Xbox Series S is $50 off, with an extra controller thrown in for free. Xbox Seagate Expansion Cards Are Currently Discounted at Several Retailers.Is Halo switching to Unreal Engine? Here’s what we know.

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From IGN

“Brazilian Regulator Approves Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard Acquisition. Brazil’s competition watchdog, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) has approved the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard merger without restriction, citing PlayStation’s already dominant position within the video game industry and Nintendo’s ability to compete without relying on franchises such as Call of Duty.
In a long public filing, CADE touched on PlayStation’s portfolio of exclusives, saying, “Investment in exclusive content is, and always has been, very important for the competitive dynamics in the console segment. Exclusive content was, most likely, one of the main factors responsible for positioning the PlayStation as a leader in the world console market for more than two decades, a leadership that continues to this day.”

“Overwatch 2: Blizzard Apologizes for Shaky Launch, Promises Fixes for Queues and More. Between server errors, broken account merges, and a strange SMS requirement that locked some players with prepaid phone plans out of the game, Overwatch 2’s launch on Tuesday became fairly controversial. Now, Blizzard is apologizing and working to fix some of these issues.”

From The Verge
“The Xbox Series S is $50 off, with an extra controller thrown in for free. Here’s the deal: you can get the Xbox Series S console via in-store pickup order at your local Target for $249.99 (regularly $299.99), and when you add a standard Xbox controller to your cart, it gets thrown in for free. This includes the slightly pricier red, blue, and electric volt controllers, and the whole deal saves you up to $105 until it ends Saturday. You, of course, still get the usual white controller included with the console.”

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“Is Halo switching to Unreal Engine? Here’s what we know. Last year, we exclusively revealed that Halo Infinite was slated to get its very own battle royale-like codenamed Tatanka, in development between 343i and partner team Certain Affinity. After the leak, CA released a statement confirming its deeper commitment to the Halo franchise, and as recently as last week, stated that the team is doing “major work” on Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is in a bit of turmoil as of late. The live service has left a lot to be desired, and 343i has struggled to return to the necessary pace of updates live service shooters generally enjoy across competitors like Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex Legends. Blizzard is launching Overwatch 2 this week as well, piling further pressure on Halo Infinite to keep up. “

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