The combination of trapped ions with optical cavities enables the control of the interaction between single particles of light (photons) and ions. Exploiting unique properties of these systems, we aim to develop an interface between the quantum states of ions and photons which is a prerequisite for quantum networks and distributed quantum computing. Furthermore, the ion-photon interaction can be employed to entangle ions.

Molecular Physics

Cold molecular ions are ideal systems to investigate cold chemical reactions in which the collision dynamics can be governed by quantum mechanical effects such as tunnelling and reflections on submerged barriers. A prerequisite for studying these reactions and many other applications is the control and the detection of the internal molecular states. We aim to develop and employ these tools.

Technology Development

The development of new technologies and techniques is vital for our research group. We develop novel cavity mirrors for strongly coupled cavity-QED, ways to perform spectroscopy with trapped ions, novel ion trap designs and techniques to identify ions.