Student Projects

We are proud of the work our project students carry out in our laboratories. Our students conduct an individual supervised research project over a set period of time. During the course of their project work they will learn how to analyse relevant data, learn about the theoretical background and do laboratory work.

Photoionisation of Calcium Atoms

The goal of this project is to compare the photoionisation ion trap loading technique for two different sources of neutral calcium atoms: one in which atoms are created by a resistively heated oven and the other in which atoms are created through the process of pulsed laser ablation (PLA).

EOM-based optical frequency comb

Development of an EOM-based optical frequency comb for high resolution spectroscopy. (Katrina Morgan (2010-11))

Frequency doubling of an IR diode laser

In order to generate UV laser radiation, the light of an IR diode laser is frequency doubled by an intra-cavity non-linear crystal.
The goal of this project is to design, plan and build a frequency doubled diode laser system consisting of an IR diode laser and an optical cavity to enhance the laser power. (Stephen Downs (2009-10), Amy Gardner (2010-11), April Cridland (2012-13), Ryan Hicks (2013-14))

Fast piezo-based pulsed valve

To inject a well controlled amount of gas into a vacuum system, a very fast valve is required. In this project a fast piezo-based pulsed valve is developed and caracterised. (Seb Weidt (2008-09), Kornelia Lencz (2009-10))

Spectroscopy of atomic caesium

For the experiments in the ITCM-group, a highly stable reference laser is required to stabilise optical cavities and other lasers which are used for laser cooling, pumping and re-pumping. A laser is stabilised to the D1 tranisition in atomic caesium using a range of different spectroscopy methods and their stability is compared. (Terry Mozley (2009-10))

Microcontroller based control system

Development of a versatile electronic control system based on a micro-controller. The freely programmable system can be utilised as a PID controller, electronic filter or a control unit for a scanning cavity lock. (Harry Laan (2009-10), Andrew Trimm (2010-11), Billy Michael (2013-14))