Fibre Cavities

Miniaturised optical cavities are interesting systems for a range of applications in quantum technology, optics and spectroscopy. We have developed a novel technique to produce mirror-coated fibre tips to enhance the performance of the resultant cavities and are currently exploring applications in ion-photon interfaces, spectroscopy, sensing and optics. Using a CO2 laser, an ultra-smooth concave surface is created on the end facet of an optical fibre.

Setup to laser machine optical fibres








Combining two of these fibres after adding a highly reflective coating form an optical cavity.

Optical cavity formed by two fibre tips








To increase the coupling of light from the cavity into the optical fibres, we have developed a novel technique. By assembling single mode fibres with GRIN fibres, we have developed fibre cavities with mode matching better than 90%.

Integrated fibre optics for cavity-fibre mode matching








Using this novel fibre-cavity system we are a range of applications in quantum technology and classical system.