Technology Development

Compact Atomic Clock

The tight integration of fibre optics into ion traps facilitates ultra-compact ion trap systems without any bulk optic components. Together with an all-fibre coupled laser system which is based on DBR diode lasers, compact portable devices such as sensors or atomic clocks can be implemented. Employing trapped calcium ions, we develop a stable, ultra-compact atomic frequency reference. All optics for fluorescence collection and laser delivery is based on fibres and all lasers which are required to generate, cool and repump calcium ions are all-fibre coupled.

Fibre Cavities

Cavities, formed by laser machined end facets of optical fibres are important tools for many application such as quantum repeaters and quantum networks. To increase the control over the ion-light interaction, very small, high quality cavities are required which make fibre tip cavities ideal systems. We develop novel techniques to optimise the machining process as well as integrated assemblies to provide optimal cavity to fibre mode matching.