Quantum Technology Showcase Event 2017

The group presented two exhibits at the quantum technology showcase event in London. The showcase event was an exhibition where the Quantum Technology Hubs presented their latest developments to industry representatives and politicians.

The group presented a working fibre cavity system to have a life demonstration of the working principle of cavity based ion-photon interfaces. Ezra , Matthias and Costas explained the basics of fibre cavities and their applications in quantum computing, networking and other applications to many interested visitors.

Costas, Matthias and Ezra presenting fibre cavities at the Showcase Event

Callan, Nathan and Matthias presented our portable atomic clock demonstrator. The demonstrator contained the real laser system and control electronics. A mock ion trap and vacuum system demonstrated the size and functionality of these sub-systems.

Nathan, Callam and Matthias presenting the portable atomic clock demonstrator at the Showcase Event